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 Philological tools

 Shepherd of Hermas

 Greek accents after τό

 Using E-Mule to Download Migne Volumes

 Greek lexicon

 Katharevousa and direct access to the tradition

 Hephaestus in Plato's Symposium

 The conquest of Constantinople: an atavic wound

 How do you spell "Jesus Plus Nothing" in Greek

 Eusebius on human sacrifices by the pagans

 The right Greek Word for strength and beauty

 8.cratylus on the statesman

 4. cratylus on astyanax skamandrios and hektor

 2. Translating the Cratylus, about Skamandros

 Ask the fellowship in the Holy Spirit.

 New Book The Case of the Barefoot Socrates

 Kingdom for Βασιλεία in the Prayer of the Lord

 Isaiah 7, 14 and Timaeus on the Son of God

 Lysistrata in English with notes and introduction

 James 5:16

 Origen on Ezekiel

 Meaning of

 Proportion or Symmetry

 6 ποιήματα του Νικηφόρου Βυζαντινού

 Aristotle, Meteorolgy

 Attic and "Spurious Diphthongs"


 How to Read a Greek Minuscule Text


 The Gift of Tongues Project

 Ancient Greek Dictionaries for Download

 Michael Psellos on locusts, humans and elephants

 Genesis and the creation of Man

 The United States of Greece

 Particles, Articles and Psellos

 Problem words in a Michael Psellos text

 Meaning and content of fornication, Matthew 19

 Time for Rhetoric and Music: Χρόνος and καιρος

 Homeric or Attic?

 Difference between χάρις and χάριν

 Carl Jung and Logos

 The apparition of the angel in Matthew and Luke

 Speculation, theoria, or metaphysics

 Kill, Murder, different in Koine

 A, terrible, Greek joke

 God or a god?

 Idea of purgatory in St. Gregory of Nyssa?

 Ancient Greece and Indian Philosophy

 Antigone translation!

 Plato quote

 Koine Greek meaning of Eph 5:17-19

 I need help to translate a love message

 Migne Patrologia Graeca in English

 need help learning greek.

 'Alexandrian' Greek and other questions

 Various Homer questions

 Medieval Greek type of writing!?

 CPAC meeting to help preserve Greek heritage

 Lent idiomelon in English

 word definition

 Could someone help me with citing Plato?

 Was King Paul I of Greece a Pythagoric Scholar?

 Immortal light of unconquerable knowledge

 Translation help

 Palace found on the island of Ithaka

 Original Greek of the Sophist by Plato

 Translating St. Gregory

 Athenaeus on Health - in Greek original

 Plato quotation

 Grants for students and teachers of Greek

 Long and Short vowels in Greek

 The Hippocratic Oath (Greek Original)

 "The Restoration of Traditional Ancient Greek

 Help with Greek Composition (Attic Greek)

 A specific adjective in the First Epistle of Peter

 Plato quote translation

 Another grammar question

 Translation - Effort, Attitude

 Aristotle's Meterology

 Martyrdom Translation

 υἱός and τέκνον

 Church Fathers in Greek

 The Greek of the playwrights

 Word order in majority Greek NT vs. Critical

 HELP! KEY TERMS in Aristotle's "WHOLE/PARTS" line

 Is there a Greek word meaning "approaching God"?

 Greatest european tragedy of all time

 Greek knowledge words English equivalents

 From Iliad 11th book, Greek original

 want to start greek

 Desert Fathers by Chryssavgis

 The primacy of the pope and the East

 Struggling to learn Koine Greek

 Sermons of Elder Ephraim of Mount Athos

 Hofmann's Greek Etymological Dictionary

 Never Close Your Eyes - in Greek

 new hellenic social network inviting beta testers


 Ελληνομνήμων - Μια προβληματική σελίδα

 My Fathers Ancient Greek

 Is Acupuncture technique effective for smoke cessa

 Why are cigarettes addictive?


 The role of education

 Translation of pale horse [Revel.6.8]

 Moro translation

 English translation for baba, mama

 Plato's idea of God


 Τranslations Critiques

 I need help with these Greek proverbs


 Translation for a proverb.

 "Almond" derives from the Greek "amygdala"

 Translation of glikie mou into English

 beginners question

 Blogs on this site - Stop smoking

 forum views Greek fonts

 NT Greek syllabification

 Etymology of moron and idiot.

 Etymology of mortal, mortality and murder

 Deaconess in the early church.

 Pragma versus Praxis

 Christian Klesis

 English Words of no Apparent Greek Origin

 De magistro linguae Graecae

 Ημερίδα: Γλωσσική παιδεία σήμερα

 Η νεοδημοκρατική φορολογία

 Άλλος Αρχιεπίσκοπος - Ίδια νοοτροπία

 Greek grammar books and lessons in romanian

 Books on classical philology

 The Conduct of Women

 Emphasis with personal pronoun and article

 Plato's opinion about Salamina War

 Where is the New Testament

 Το κακό στον κόσμο και ο Θεός

 Iliad in Thomas Wolfe

 John 1:31 or instrumental vs. locative

 Απορία βουλευτού περί καταργήσεως των θρησκευτικών

 Who creates the unicode font Asteria?

 Listen to the advice of Plato - start thinking

 Future use of verb instead of subjunctive

 Το πολιτικό μας σύστημα και ο Γιανναράς

 ἐξηγήσατο and John 1:18

 γέγονεν in John 1:15 - Importance of tenses

 Μονογενής - "Only-Begotten" or "Unique"

 Being a Christian

 Μαμαλάκης ο δάσκαλος

 Conjugation of οἶδα in Classical and Koine Greek

 Το Θέατρο Ρόδα για την θεατρική διδασκαλία

 Περισυλλογή βιβλίων για δανειστικές βιβλιοθήκες

 Σκοτάδι καὶ Φῶς στὸ ἑλληνόφωνο διαδίκτυο

 Ἀνασταυροῦντας and crucify afresh

 Does anyone know a way to search for death records

 Help with a translation of Gregory Theologian

 Hope and Love in Greek

 Επιρροές της Βυζαντινής Παιδείας στην Δύση

 Κοραή 4 : ποιοί μας βασανίζουν;

 Πότε ἕνας λαὸς εἶναι ὑγιὴς πνευματικά;

 Plato, Reason, Philosophy

 Where does ἐνεστερνισμένοι come from?

 Υπουργείο παιδείας με πνευματική αναπηρία

 Ἡ ἐποχὴ τῶν κουτοπόνηρων

 Byzantine coins in China

 Γινόμαστε μουσουλμάνοι μὲ χριστιανικὴ προβιά

 Is this sentence in ancient Greek right

 Help on the titles of Hesiod works

 Meaning of ἐν τῷ ?

 Ρωμαϊκή Αυτοκρατορία

 Forum technical issue solved

 Αρχιεπίσκοπος Ιερώνυμος, Μήνυμα για το Πάσχα

 Κυβέρνηση δωροδοκιών

 In need for partner to talk in Greek

 origin of modern 3rd person plural ending.

 Alexander of Aphrodisias

 Ομόφυλα ζευγάρια

 Greek Participles

 Translation of Greek word

 Ὀλυμπισμός, 21, καὶ ἄλλες μασκαράτες

 Need Greek word for this paradigm

 Righteousness/Justice Dike Dikaios Dikaiosyne

 Ethnos Race, Is there a difference?

 What is the Greek for the Natural Law

 What is the Greek word for Common Sense

 Ancient Greek philosophy is theological

 Παιδιὰ χωρὶς παιδικὴ ἡλικία

 Russia airs new Byzantium film

 Καλὴ σελίδα, ὅμως δὲν μιλάει ἑλληνικά

 Ἄλλο ἀθωότητα καὶ ἄλλο περιφρόνηση

 Pre-Greek substrate language

 Δύσκολη ἡ ἀπόρριψη

 another word needed

 Need help translating words!!

 What it means to be a Christian in Europe today

 Γιὰ τὸ ἐκπαιδευτικό μας πρόβλημα

 The Rule of one is best

 Interested in Greek culture

 Correct Pronunciation

 Τὸ πάθος τοῦ Χριστόδουλου καὶ ὁ νέος Ἀρχιεπίσκοπος

 How to pronounce this three words

 Help translating Greek words

 Γιὰ τὴν χαμένη ἀξιοπιστία τῶν πολιτικῶν μας

 Fasting, Desire and Self-Control

 Genesis 3:1 all the trees or any of the trees

 Meaning of οὐ μὴ - strong prohibition?

 Genesis 3:6 meaning of κατανοῆσαι

 Help with a translation

 Genesis 3:2 - Singular or plural?

 Γιὰ τὴν διαφθορὰ τοῦ δημόσιου βίου

 Septuagint Genesis 2:19 question

 Septuagint Genesis 3:8 question

 Homer in Ancient Greek

 Septuagint Genesis 2:19 question

 The Holy Scripture in modern Slavonic Languages

 Are horis and ektos the same?

 2 Corinthians 12

 Greek lessons


 Identifying Ancient Greek Authors - Titles

 Homeric Hymn of Hermes

 Plato's Charmides

 modern greek verse and meter

 Learning to speak Greek with others

 Chronology of Plato's dialogues

 More Resources For Great Schism of 1054?

 Ὀρθοδοξία καὶ παπισμός: Κοινὸ Ἀνακοινωθέν, Ραβένα

 Two words for enemy?

 Τὸ βιβλίο τῆς 6ης Δημοτικοῦ: Ἐπιμύθιο

 Online Greek-English Dictionary

 Πού οφείλεται η ήττα του Βενιζέλου;



 Herodotus - The Wooden Wall of Athens

 Why evil according to Eckhart and you?

 Is there a thesaurus of greek names

 A feminine article with a masculine noun

 Don Paarlberg's passing

 Anaxagoras' hands

 Why we need friendship

 Orthodox Chant

 Audio and Visual text of Greek New Testament

 Finished Pharr - What now?

 The Greek equivalent and use of the verb -to be

 Save and Restore Ancient Diolkos petition

 Timothy Ware Anti-Greek?

 Only the dead have seen the end of war

 Ancient Greeks in America

 Greek American Film

 Plato quote (conquer self) locate or translate

 China and the West

 Epimenides Cretica

 Gnosis and Episteme in Plato

 A Chokepoint


 Romanian Patriarch Teoctist dies

 Luke 10:22

 Greek forests in danger!

 Interpretation of Unusual Icon Lettering

 Apology 22e--use of "mete"

 Illustrated Latin-Gk Lexicon of Visible Objects


 Elpenor, etymology

 Plato Apology - Use of "An" - Dative

 Greek word mp3

 Online Short Film Contest

 Plato's syzygies

 Koine greek pronouciation of a phrase.

 Plato Apology -Positions of the verb in a sentence

 Starting to learn

 Ancient Texts

 Update- 3 Liddell Gk Lexicons and a Phrase Lexicon

 Plato's Cratylus

 Greek Language Programs?

 What is Μείων

 Prosechein (Mat. 6:1)

 Freemasonry, poison destroying Christian Europe

 1 John 5:7

 Kalos and Agathos in Plato's Meno?

 Modern Greek Iliad

 Quantum physics and philosophy



 YouTube Videos about Alexander the Great

 Aristotle's Metaphysics' Title

 Some complete Loeb Volumes - large files

 Attributive and translation

 Koine Greek Pronunciation Question

 Noun cases

 Kalos and Agathos in Plato's Gorgias

 books on church history and biblical text

 loeb pdf

 Question from the USA, about a Greek dessert

 Dynamis in Plato's Sophist

 Mustafa Ataturk Street in Thessaloniki ?

 Iliad 1.39 - translating epi

 Turkey's "civilization"

 To Colossians 2.16-17

 Klesis as a description of human life

 Homer's Odyssey

 Matthew 5:25

 New file host -The Sayings of Kings and Commanders

 Aeschylus: "an" with the participle

 Helping Transliterate some words

 Homeric Greek-Clyde Pharr Questions

 Case usage in Aischylos

 Homer : Greek-English Interlinear Iliad

 Update five Chapters Interlinear Gk-Eng Anabasis

 Usage of Dative in Aischylos

 Orphica's Memory

 love in presocratic philosophy

 New host -Interlinear Gk-Eng Anabasis text & MP3

 Omission of main verb in Aeschylus

 Prophecies for the end of the world

 Basic Classical Greek Textbooks@ Google Book

 eros, himeros, pothos

 Books by His Beatitude Christodoulos


 Inspiring Words & Photos of Hellenic Civilization

 Greek audio file link: Zhodiates reads First John

 Translation Requested

 Trying to learn Greek by myself

 Aeschylus, Eumenides 269-270

 Various Ancient Greek words for God in NT

 How to make study booklets from Google books

 Answer key White's First Greek Book & Interlinears

 Protestantism and Orthodoxy

 Greek Fonts

 Church of Greece Aid

 Homer translations

 Orthodoxy and reason: has it changed?

 At Google Book - a book of Greek quotations

 An easy way to learn Greek pronunciation

 War against Turks in 1922

 Aion and Aionian

 Plato : the city as a family

 Plato : detachment in friendship

 Aeschylus Eumenides 211

 The letter J

 Participle usage in Aeschylus

 Translation required!

 Heidegger and Aletheia

 Examples of manly courage

 Periphrastic with exein in Aeschylus

 Unicode Polytonic Combinations


 Poems by Arcadian and Orwell

 The union of Orthodoxy with the Papacy

 Searching for a Greek textbook

 The Status of Turkey in Europe

 Induist words transliterated in Greek

 Yarmuk and Byzantine defeat

 Genitive of Kyrios?

 A New View of Katharevousa

 The Acropolis

 Etymological history of hexis

 Teaching Greek to a Greek kid abroad

 The Prayer of Jesus

 Greek and Roman references about following Indians

 greek name of Kharavela rival of Demetrius I

 Don't worry, in Greek

 Jesus Christ's genealogy

 what is the greek name of Sandrocottus's grandson


 Logos > Light-Word-Reason-Law

 hi all : should I use modern Greek pronunciation?

 Greece politics in 405 B.C

 Translating the Jesus prayer

 Plato : Graced and easy beyond age

 Plato Page at Elpenor

 Qualifications for a Greek Senator

 Greece Travel Notes


 Suicide and Augustine

 Does any one believe ΙΗΣΟΥΣ is the ΚΥΡΙΟΣ ΘΕΟΣ

 Greece and fyrom

 Orthodox Easter

 Greek Quotations

 Greek pronunciation


 120 year old hidden letter found in turkey

 mailing lists or newsgroups?


 Greek and Mideastern-European Languages

 Hello, George and Friends

 The silent room.


 How to speak Greek


 Grammatici Graeci


 Translation of Aithein

 Plotinus Enneads by Stephen McKenna

 Accents and Katharevousa


 Translation, if you please?

 Francois Vase

 Spelling Erechtheum

 Ancient Greek Quotations

 The Christ question?

 Pelopidas, Epameinondas and the Theban hegemony

 Christianity and the neopagans


 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit...

 What is Europe?

 greek meaning of foreknowledge, election, etc.

 Pronouncing 'Epictetus'

 What religion is Greece?

 Future of Christianity in Europe

 Modern Greek Poetry

 The best weapon of Greece is the Truth


 Maximus and the Holy Spirit in Everything


 The error of Erasmus and un-greek pronunciations

 Walter Benjamin Selected Writings Vol 1 1913-1926

 Hoelderlin's Patmos

 Pontic Greek

 I'll love you till the end of the world - in Greek

 Starting from Greek - or Latin?

 Meanings of the Greek letters

 Etymology of the name of Greece

 Archilochus and the Gods

 Christian Heritage of Turkey - as to The Economist

 How to read the Odyssey...

 Philo and the Incarnation of Logos

 Nicolas Berdyaev

 Learning Greek


 Cavafy and the return of Hellenistic syncretism

 Euripides: Hippolytos

 If you want to destroy Europe, let Turkey in

 Ginosko Greek (free software for Windows)

 25 different English translations of Sappho

 The Joban Epic: Reconsidered


 European values

 Peter Damascene

 Theories of pronouncing ancient Greek


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