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 I need help with these Greek proverbs
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Posted - 29 Nov 2008 :  23:29:55  

Dear fellow countrymen:

I need your kind help. I'd like to get the English meaning or translation for the following Greek proverbs:

1).- Η παπάς παπάς ή ζευγάς ζευγάς.

2).- Δύο καρπούζια σε μια μασχάλη δεν γίνεται.

There is a variation to this proverb which is:

Κάτω από την ίδια μασχάλη δέν χωνάνε
δύο καρπούζια.

3).- Εκατό ετών η αλεπού, εκατόν δέκα τα

Another question. I can't find a suitable translation for the Greek word: ψυχοκτόνος

I believe the word ψυχοκτόνος means = killer of souls. Can I translate the Greek words ὁ ψυχοκτόνος διάβολος as: the devil, killer of souls?

I apologize for my Greek. It is not the best.

Thanks for your kind help.

Toronto, Canada



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Posted - 23 Dec 2008 :  09:24:01  


This is obviously an idiomatic phrase BUT
it looks like it should be:
1).- Ο παπάς παπάς ο ζευγάς ζευγάς.
which could mean some thing like:
"the priest preaches( ie is a priest) the plowman plows."
ie. Stick to the business you know best.

The phrase you wrote however is a bit strange,
Η παπάς παπάς ή ζευγάς ζευγάς.,
grammatically the meaning is:
"The (female)priest preaches OR the plowman plows."
Which seems a bit nonsensical.
However I'm not a Greek. Though a greek speaker.
maybe somebody else can give a better answer.

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Posted - 23 Dec 2008 :  09:42:05  


The proverb is rightly written with H (Ἢ παπὰς παπάς, ἢ ζευγὰς ζευγάς). This "Η" is not the article; it corresponds to the English either / or scheme: "you must be either a priest or a plowman", as you also understood it to mean.

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