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 The best weapon of Greece is the Truth
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Posted - 15 Jul 2005 :  17:49:59  

Dear sirs,

I thought you might find useful the message below. It's about the
urgent need to end the aggressions against Hellas in their roots.

No matter how much and well Greece spends the money of her people in weapons, Greeks cannot win until they properly and widely inform about all the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Turkey as well as the crimes of Vardarska/FYROM* and of Albania against Hellas.

http://www.mfa.gr shows at least a small part of the many proofs of
the Hellenic Genocide, in the form of accounts from eyewitnesses from several nations and also in the form of photos, films and documents,


all the (many) facts that show that the war against Turkey of 1919-1922 was mainly caused by the ongoing Genocide of millions of Hellenes, who still survived in the regions of Hellas that had not been liberated in the Revolution of 1821 and that Hellas was actually hit by Italy and France, which supported Turkey to replace Germany in the role it had had until 1918.

How the few survivors of the Hellenic Genocide are systematically persecuted in all territories ruled by Turkey, such as Constantinople, Imvros and Tenedos.

Detailed information, including photos, films and documents on the invasion of Cyprus and makes it clear that the invasion of Cyprus was an extension of the Hellenic Genocide.

How the systematic extermination of the Hellenes has been always part of the official policies of the Turks (see the facts on the Genocide of the Hellenes of Chios, in 1822).

Hundreds of photos of archaeological finds from Macedonia side by side with similar objects from all regions of Hellas and the empire of Alexander the Great.

Hundreds of enlightening quotes from ancient historians, such as Arrianos, Polivios and Plutarcos, and quotes from historical documents printed before 1944.

In detail all the lies from Vardarska/FYROM*, and its effort to steal the name Macedonia, just one among many criminal actions aimed at the invasion of Hellas.

How a part of Ipiros has been stolen from Hellas and how the Hellenes of that part of Ipiros have been persecuted and how they are persecuted right now.

How the heroic fight of the Hellenes in 1940-1945 was decisive for the victory of the Soviet Union against Germany and thus, decisive for the victory of the Allies against the Axis (which was supported by Turkey until the end of the war).

Probably other essential facts should be properly publicized and not
only in Hellenic and English but in the languages of all powerful countries of the world, such as Chinese and Russian.

Also, most people certainly think now - I thought, at least, even
though I had been in Hellas - "Why wouldn't the Greeks publish the
facts on their official Web sites if they were not lying?!" The
Turks publish a lot of grotesque lies, including ones to support the
Vardarskians in their efforts to make Macedonia theirs. Meanwhile,
the Hellenes who have facts, not only words, stay silent.

As soon as the crimes against Hellas are known all over the world,
Turkey will not be supported anymore scandalously as it is now.

As soon as the facts on Macedonia are published, with many photos
and quotes from historical documents, any reference to a "Macedonian nation" or a "Macedonian language" will sound as ridiculous as a reference to a "Athenian nation" or an "Athenian language" or to a "Spartan nation" or a "Spartan language". The United Nations will quickly move to finally end the grotesque Vardarskian lies, all of them, not only the lies about Macedonia.

As soon as the facts on the theft of Northern Ipiros, the fight of 1940
of the Hellenes against Italy that led to its liberation and the crimes
perpetrated by the Albanian government until today against the
Hellenes are published, there will be a great pressure on Albania
to respect the rights of the Hellenic minority of Northern Ipiros.

Persons like Kofi Annan, for instance, would not dare to try to
officialize and support the invasion of Cyprus. Persons like Tony
Blear would not dare to propose a defense system for the European
Union that in practice lets Turkey free to attack Hellas and Cyprus.

On the other hand, honest and conscious persons all over the world
would support Hellas simply because by doing so, they would be acting towards making justice prevail, just like I do, by the way.

Now, how much would cost that very simple effort? I am sure that
it would cost much less than a single missile of the Russian SA-300
or of the US Patriot system...

I suppose it's common sense in any country that the best way to deal
with a problem is by attacking it in its roots.

These simple actions will confront the complete lack of information on those crimes and the resulting opportunity for corrupt
persons to support Turkey or Vardarska/FYROM* or Albania
in their crimes against Greece.

Those actions will also encourage millions of non-Greeks to support
Hellas. And, above all, will encourage Greeks themselves as a people who do deserves justice, just as any other people that suffered hideous crimes.


Fewer but better
Armaments deals insufficient and way too expensive
Explosive spending on arms by PASOK

They refer to the enormous amount of money that is badly spent on
the military defence of Hellas.

Please, share this message with everyone who might be interested.

Roberto Lopes
São Paulo, Brazil - [email protected] - ICQ UIN: 829188

* FYROM: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, known as Vardarska until the 1940's, when Yugoslavia changed its name and falsified its cultural heritage in order to try to steal Macedonia from Hellas.

Shamefully, the "*" text above has more information on the lies of Vardarska/FYROM than all the web sites of the Hellenic government.



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Posted - 18 Jul 2005 :  07:11:26  


Dear Roberto,

Unfortunately, it is not a matter of spending money to say the truth instead of buying weapons. The problem is that the Greek government(s), working in the ‘logic’ of (most of) the European nations, try to build a kind of peace and prosperity based on ignorance of truth. To not care for truth becomes a prerequisite of this ’european’ ’union’, and not a mistake.

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Posted - 13 May 2006 :  11:58:03  


We need to learn to love the peace, to love our enemies, to love everything God gave us !

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