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 How to make study booklets from Google books
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Posted - 13 Jan 2007 :  18:55:31  

This post tells how to make your own study materials--how to easily print your own 5 x 8" booklets from Google books on language or other subjects.
I have found these booklets to be very handy for study purposes.

the short version:
To turn Google books or any file into REAL books, just get a duplex (2 side) printer, set to "booklet", all the pages will automatically be in the right order, fold the stack in two, then staple with a "booklet stapler". 20 to 25 sheets is about max size, but the booklet will have eighty to one hundred 5" x 8" pages.

the long detailed version:
1. You will need a "Duplex Printer", which prints on both sides of a page. I use the Brother HL-5250DN. One reason I chose this model is because the toner refills for it look very cheap on Ebay.
2. Download your selected Google books on Greek grammar or Greek Readers, or download the books from the Textkit Greek & Latin site. They are all Adobe .pdf files.
3. A necessity: download the free FOXIT .pdf reader/printer from Foxitsoftware.com This program allows you to adjust the size of the pages to fit the sheets you are printing. Oddly Adobe Acrobat doesn't allow this. If you don't use the Foxit reader the print will usually be too small. Make it your default .pdf file reader for convenience.
4. When you want to print a booklet, open the .pdf file through the Foxit reader. Open the Print window. Then select the button "PROPERTIES". From that menu select "ADVANCED". Then select a button that looks like "A-B". Then check mark the two boxes, "duplex" and "booklet printing". Hit the "OK" button and back you go to the main Printing menu.
5. Fill in the box with the range of page numbers you want printed.
For stapling purposes you will be limited to 25 Sheets of paper, but at 4 pages per sheet of paper that still gives you 100 book pages to print.
Here is where the booklets get nice: you can select from the grammar what you want on any topic--say the vocabulary only, or the pages dealing with declensions only, etc. Then select the page enlargement number, ususally 150 to 180 %.
6. Now you select "print" and magically all the pages come out in the right order. Then you fold the pages over and crease them.
7. The next necessity: you need to get a "booklet stapler". This kind allows you to get the stapler right over the creased edge. The cheapest I have found on the Net is at "Officesupplyinc.com". Enter "Booklet Stapler" in their search window. Their Bostitch model #BOSB440SB
should come up. Capacity is maximum 25 sheets. Cost is $32.47 plus around $7 for UPS shipping and don't be surpised if you get it the next day at your door--they are very fast! No staples are supplied. They are standard type staples but I don't know the 'part number'. This is a beautiful heavy duty stapler.

By doing these steps you can make a nice study booklet in 5 to 10 minutes.
Some extra tips: At the Foxit site above also download the Free FOXIT EDITOR. This will allow you to delete pages you don't want--which you can't do in Adobe Acrobat. (Files from Textkit can't be edited)
Also, make a nice cover sheet by printing the one "Title" page, but remember to select 'duplex' and 'booklet' in printing. Fold it over all the other folded pages and you have a sharp looking booklet.

For example you can print your own "LOEB" booklets with Greek on one side and English on the other. I suggest "Xenophon's Anabasis" because it is fun and MANY older grammars at Google book are also based on this text. There is a reason for this: Xenophon's Anabsis was for many decades the "tried and true" way to get "up to speed" on Classical Greek and I can say it did more for my Greek understanding than any other book by far. (However I used an interlinear of this book). NOTE-- if you want to get to this Loeb volume at Google Book, type in "Carleton Brownson" (the translator's name) in the search window. There is a volume one and a volume two for this Loeb item.


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