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Posted - 22 Aug 2008 :  05:41:25  

Schwyzer: Griechische Grammatik - best german Greek grammar. Not for beginners:

G. Dumezil: La religion romaine archaique
- famous book about indo-european and roman religion:

Homeric dictionary with bookmarks:
- greek-english dictionary of ALL homeric words

Ancient languages of Europe and Asia:
- two books with basic facts about linguistic situation

Sihler's New comparative grammar of Greek and Latin:
- great book about comparative grammar. Those who do not know what is comparative grammar should not download this at all

Local scripts of archaic Greece (Jeffery)
- greatest survey of writing systems in archaic Greece:

Etymological dictionary of latin language (Ernout-Meillet)
- in french, of course, but that should not be a problem for any philologist:

Recueil de textes latins archaiques (Ernout)
- collection of oldest latin inscriptions with comments:



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Posted - 22 Aug 2008 :  06:18:18  



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Posted - 29 Aug 2008 :  07:15:41  


You are welcome.
Another one: Digitally searchable Liddel Scott Greek-English dictionary.

1. Download these files:

a) Older version of the progam from:
ftp://ftp.libronix.com/LDLS/Zip/LibronixDLS-3.0d.zip (about 130 mb)

b) Liddell Scott dictionary from:
ftp://ftp.logos.com/lbxbooks/LSJ.lbxlls (about 150 mb)

c) Licence from:
http://rapidshare.com/files/116719316/license.zip (half mb)

2. After installation do not start the progam, but execute the file Libronix_Restorator.bat (in license).

3. Copy the file named LSJ.lbxlls in C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources. Start the progam and go to "Tools - library management - restore licenses;" choose the file with extension .lbxlbk (in license). After that from "My library" choose the dictionary file.

Notes: - Do not be online while installing. - This dictionary version is from 1996, with all supplementa added in the main text.You can search in Greek and English (i.e. Greek and Latin script). Use the manual for other advices. No need to write accents on Greek vowels. - This dictionary of ancient Greek language Info at: http://www.logos.com/lsj

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