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Posted - 30 Apr 2008 :  11:47:19  

I tried to write a small sentence in ancient greek, but I'm not sure if it is right. If somebody finds an error or has a better way to say that in ancient Greek, please write me, Thanks.

.....the falling in love taught me to love him....my soul feeling with the sweatest and the most painfull moments....

ο εραστης με διδαξεν τον αυτον εραν...
..ειμι εμπαθης τοις ηδιστοτοις και οδυνεροτατοις...

Ι'm sorry about accents but I couldn't use the Greek font.



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Posted - 30 Apr 2008 :  14:11:03  


Unfortunately your English is bad too; Εραστης in English is the lover and of course not "the falling in love"...etc. I'll try to help you, but I can't guess in all cases what you are trying to say.

Your first sentence (if in English is "My lover taught me to love him") should be rather: Ἐρῶν με ἐδίδαξεν αὐτὸν ἐρᾶν. Avoid using the articles (which are implied). Note also that "τὸν αὐτὸν" would mean "the same" and not just "him".

Your second sentence (if in English is "My soul is full of the sweetest and the most painful memories"): Ψυχὴν ἔχω ἡδίστων καὶ ὀδυνηροτάτων πλήρη.

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Posted - 01 May 2008 :  06:56:05  


Multas gratias tibi ago, George. You are right about my English, I'm sorry. But despite that, you could help me, thanks.

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