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 "The Restoration of Traditional Ancient Greek
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Posted - 04 May 2010 :  06:37:12  

("The Restoration of Traditional Ancient Greek Pantheonic Olympian Gods")
Should there be a movement towards the Restoration of ancient Greece's ancient ways when greece existed in at the time of the. 5th to 4th centuries B.C. in a time before the rise of both the Persian and Roman empires. Back to a time when ancient Greece was the cradle of Human, Western and Modern Civilization as a whole. When is there going to be some kind of change that will help modern day Greece re-establish its ancient haritage and traditions of the past. To reclaiming its historical significance to that of the history of Humanity and or Mankind and modern day Civilization as a whole and to take back its title of the worlds oldest human civilization. Before the time of Christianity Judaism and Islam in a time when Greece practiced its "Delphic Oracles" in a time when the "Delphic Oracles" were respected and were honored in at the time of ancient "Classical Hellenic" Greece.



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Posted - 04 May 2010 :  12:48:45  


Would you like to be the Pythia?

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Posted - 06 May 2010 :  06:50:02  



The problem is that such "reconstructionism" is just this, a reconstruction, that bears little if any ressemblance to reality, and is grounded on certain assumptions. Someone takes a picture he has of Antiquity, improbably lumps various elements together, and believes to have recreated an ancient world. Religion in ancient Greece was lived socially and was an integral part of the city. Today, it is Christianity which is lived this way--or so should it be. A true religion, a true faith, is something that is lived inwardly, not reconstructed from archaeological evidence. If the Greeks, and the other peoples of the Roman empire and beyond, adopted Christianity, it was for specific historical reasons. Speaking of reconstructing a dead religion is ignoring historical reality, ignoring experiences of individuals and societies that lived in that age, and ignoring the tensions, problems, and solution of this society. You may ignore these, but this is dishonest (also, what do you do with sacrifices? Do you also want to resurect them?).
Much of the ancient culture lives on in popular Greek culture and this is true for much of Europe), so there is nothing to restore.

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Posted - 10 May 2010 :  05:50:05  


I'm tired of all these pre-Nazi boys, thinking that a culture is something created in an office for mass consumption or something that a people can put on or off like a shirt. Fortunately enough, Sylvain, you are much more polite and gentle than me!

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