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 Finished Pharr - What now?
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Posted - 04 Oct 2007 :  06:06:27  

Χαίρετ' ὦ φίλοι ἀγαθοί!

Hello all!

I have *finally* finished 'Homeric Greek; a book for beginners - Clyde Pharr'! After a long time of reading it on-off and juggling school at the same time i did it! :) I would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Ancient Greek, i could not think of a finer introduction.

I come here for an answer to a simple question:

"What now?"

Where do i go from here? I was thinking to start Attic? or maybe i should finish reading the entire Iliad first? Should i read 'A reading course in Homeric Greek' (which goes through the first book of the Odyssey) as a supplement?

Some really good news is that with what grasp i have of Homeric now from reading pharr, and my knowledge of modern greek; i am now able to read much of the New Testament at sight! :) with the help of a dictionary for some of the vocab of course... this was one of my major goals when i started learning greek so thanks to all who helped!

Any help would be appreciated.




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Posted - 04 Oct 2007 :  06:34:28  


Γειά σου Γιάννη!

Congratulations on this achievement, as it surely is. There are many ways you can go on now, and you can try which is best for you (maybe start one and abandon it for another). If you feel you want more of Homer, start from what you say (Iliad or Odyssey).

If you feel Attic should follow, then it is www.ellopos.net/elpenor/greek-texts/ancient-greece/plato-homepage.asp">Plato's time. If I were you, I would open a dialogue (Phaedrus, Symposium or Phaedo would make a great start), and simultaneously think on Plato's thinking and learn Attic rules with the help of a grammar.

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Posted - 22 Oct 2007 :  21:14:39  


I would recommend continuing Homer, but trying to integrate Attic Greek into your studies as well. It is not necessary completly to stop reading Homer in order to begin learning Attic and reading some of Plato as well.

Keep up the good work.

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Posted - 10 Nov 2007 :  12:06:56  


I would suggest Lucian! His dialogs. He's very funny and easy. But if you want to start with Plato, I suggest Apology. I think it's the easiest of his works. And also Lysias, "Ὑπὲρ τοῦ Ἐρατοσθένους φόνου ἀπολογία". Very easy and funny, too!

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