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Posted - 20 Aug 2006 :  13:31:42  

Hello everybody!

I am from Germany. I found that site by wikipedia enzeklopaedia ( the first greece word), I was just hanging around and thought about what to do. PC and Internet gives us new dimensions ( 2. Greece word) and suddenly I remembered something what i always wanted to do, but just did not have the idea yet. with the internet.

Old greece language

May father , how already has died spoke it and he was the one to train me in my childhood with Latin. I had many problems in our modern society and was kicked out of the Gymnasium out of political reasons ( Greece word) could so not finish that school and study, So I study on my own.

Th ancient greece sages read ever and ever again, thinking about whether something about it could have been real or not and words just like " Andromeda" were exciting me just by their sound.
1991 I was 3 months in Greece, and found without knowing much about it except the Aegais the most exciting part of it: the socalled Cyclades.
Everyone knowing greec knows what I mean: its the birth place of the earthborn olympic ancient gods who had just different names in aneighbored cultures...
And all came back to life again: Were the ancient gods beginning with Uranos (Greece- German Uran- first anchestor) extraterrists? Twelfe couples of Titans have founded twelfe cities on the earth twelfe cultures with twelfe kings and queens- Prometheus and aathena formed the human beings
Athens- Pallas Athena
Theben( Egypt) Hermes?
Sidon(Sinai) Hera
Troy (Aphroditi)
Babylon( Ares)
Atlantis(?) Poeseidon>
today Canaries> Artemis
forgotten- east end of marmara> Persephonia

Remain 5. What have the twelfe cities to do with the 12 tribes of Israel?
The end of Zeus by Hera and Prometheus is not reported. it was a war among the olympic gods. Has Prometheus used nuclear wepons( brought to earth that was given to him by Zeus ( Deukalion and Phyrra- the begin of the 3 world- compareY hopi prophecies>sintflood> floot from the land of Sint ) against the culture on Phaeton( today Venus) and created the hell there , the eternal nuclear fire?

Those question go around in my mind. The question deal about our historical roots, that were scattered all around the world into many languages as someone wanted to seal them. The same that has removed all faces ( heads and all hands) from all ancient god figures in Greece, that even no trace is found as we may not know how the gods looked like?

However I found that website and I will use it for sure
for what I just had the idea: look in the Internet; Learn Old Greece.

Oh will make no hurry, I just want to know the words, their different meaning and their synthesis meanings.

But with that topic here I want to thank the provider of the page for that real wonderful Greece course he /she has provided for us on that webpage. However: German language has a deep reference to ghe Greece one., I tzhink as well as Celtic history. A priest on ths island of Patmos explained me, my name means Hermes in Greece

Last not least:; My homepage where I from time to time publish anything new about my subjects Looks very weird, dont think I am gracy! The name "alien homepage" is more for fun. Just look and see:
(for that cfm coded link please use MS Internet explorer).

Here one subpage with normal html: ( contains graphics due to measurement in Platos describtion of Atlantis as to be found in Timaios and Kritias)

Hope you enjoy it!
I will enjoy the gods language as many call the old greece Sounds perfect melodical and its full of wisdom I am sure.



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Posted - 21 Aug 2006 :  07:06:31  


You must do something with your English, especially if you need to speak in English about matters like those. Try also to discipline your thinking. Don’t just right the first thing that comes to your mind. Read carefully the classical thinkers, prefer to read than to talk, then read again.

Sometimes your ignorance is extremely offending, as when you write that we don’t know the faces of ancient Gods, when everybody knows that not all sculpture and painting is damaged, or when you write about the ‘first translation’ of the Bible, when everybody knows that the New Testament (except for the gospel of Matthew) is originally written in Greek, and even some of the Old Testament books.

Messages like yours usually are deleted, but I left them as examples of bad thinking and ignorance, recognising also in them a good will. Take your good will and build upon it, otherwise you will end a meaningless person.

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