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Mona NicLeoid

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Posted - 26 Feb 2006 :  21:40:58  

Hi there,
are there any mailing lists or newsgroups available where Ancient Greek is discussed? I am on some mailing lists for other languages and related topics, like Celtic linguistics, Old Irish, etc., and I would like to find something similar for Ancient Greek - preferrably *not* Bible Greek, but literature and linguistics discussion of all sort of Ancient Greek sources, grammar topics, etc.

By the way, I have a small project running, http://nikostrate.blogspot.com which follows the crazy idea of learning Ancient Greek through the medium or communication language of Scottish Gaelic. So, if anyone here happens to speak Gaelic, have a look and feel free to participate ;-)



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Posted - 27 Feb 2006 :  16:24:46  


You have an interesting project!
Since many people, like myself, do not know Scottish Gaelic, you would be teaching it, if you included an English version.

I have written a very general essay on "Greek and Mideastern-European Languages" [See: Interpretation]
If you are in etymology, it would be interesting for you to add there any comparative study of Scottish Gaelic , English, and Greek words. (Any list of cognates would be welcome.)

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Mona NicLeoid

2 Posts

Posted - 28 Feb 2006 :  21:44:37  


No sorry, I won't do any translation to English there... You see, Scottish Gaelic is an endangered minority language, and the only way to support such a language and keep it alive is to use it as much as possible, for all sort of topics, and *without* translating everything to a majority language like English. There are many websites available for those interested in learning Gaelic ;-)

As to the etymology project, thank you for the hint, I'll have a look at it. I'm currently working on something related, so maybe you'll hear from me soon.
Good wishes,

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Posted - 24 Jul 2006 :  02:34:14  


If you are still monitoring this forum the following has a very active forum for Latin and Greek.

But I get the straightest answers on here Koinonia and am not shellaced for not using Erasmus tongue twisting proununciation.

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