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Posted - 26 Nov 2016 :  15:36:25  

I hardly needed a dictionary to understand The Shepherd of Hermas Greek text until I stumbled upon a word which I cannot make out:
it is the verb Ἀνελήμωθην, at the 5 th section of the 1st Vision. Here the heavenly woman whom Hermas had previously seen by the river and fallen in love with, now says " I was taken up ( Ἀνελήμωθην ) to Heaven .."
It sounds like a passive Aorist 1st person singular, but I cannot find the verb.
Can anybody help please?

Franco Vivona



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Posted - 26 Nov 2016 :  15:42:38  


I hope you are well Franco! My edition of Hermas (by M. Whittaker) uses the verb ἀνελήμφθην (aorist of ἀναλαμβάνειν).

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Posted - 26 Nov 2016 :  17:03:05  


O.K. , it makes sense now! It was a typo on the text at

I knew there was something wrong, because usually I don't have to rake my brain for so long before finding a verb, even on my own, or with the help of the TLG online dictionary.
Thank you so much!


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