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 120 year old hidden letter found in turkey
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Posted - 25 Mar 2006 :  02:23:42  


I live in Phokaia/Foça at the westcoast of turkey. during the restauration of an old greek building a bottle was found hidden in the wall. it contained a letter in greek language. we tried to translate it, but were not able to figure it all out. we asked the greek consulate for help and they said it was written in somehow oldfashioned geek and unfortunatly some passages still need translation. I would be very happy, if someone was able to help me with that issue. as the letter is 3 pages long and handwritten I cannot write it down in this forum, but I can e-mail it.
Thanks for any help.




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Posted - 28 Mar 2006 :  19:28:23  


well, you can always e-mail it to me and I'll see what I can do. Depends on hand-writting etc though but I may be able to give you some info at least

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Posted - 19 Apr 2006 :  11:23:40  


Hi Zippy,

I study ancient Greek and modern Greek at school and we have learnt about the Greek language during the Ottoman Empire so if you e-mail me that letter I'm sure I'll be able to or try to translate it.

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Posted - 31 Aug 2006 :  17:12:09  



If you are still looking for a translation, my e-mail is available.


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Posted - 12 Sep 2006 :  11:33:46  



My mother was born in that area and is very familiar with the history there going back several hundred years ago! I have been doing some reserach in philology of languages spoken in Asia Minor during that time period. If you can email a copy of the document, I can see what I can do to translate it. My professors can also assist me with this.

My email is [email protected]


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