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 English Words of no Apparent Greek Origin
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Posted - 21 Sep 2008 :  05:00:07  

Hello friends. Χαίρετε.
My name is John Neos. I have an interest in etymology and i've created a blog entitled "English words of no Apparent Greek Origin" [http://ewonago.blogspot.com/]. There you can find the etymology of words like parliament, sincere, vow, library, mortality, stop, script, etc. All of them have a Greek etymon, a Greek root.
In each post, you can also find Greek words related to the etymon, so you can learn them easily.
Periodically, i'll also post a few words in this forum in order to help people learn Greek easily by using the cognates between English and Greek.
Send me your comments.
Best regards.



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Posted - 22 Sep 2008 :  15:24:31  


I've seen your posts on the textkit forum on same topic. It will be interesting to see any reaction here.

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Posted - 23 Sep 2008 :  09:16:47  


Hi Aristokles.
Did you like the posts? Have you visited my blog? What do you suggest, with which one to start with?

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Posted - 18 Oct 2008 :  08:34:48  


Hi, my nsme is Sam and i have a greek friend who wrote the following message to me: Po po! Eho tetio fovo! Could you please translate it for me? thanks

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Posted - 18 Oct 2008 :  10:45:33  


Hi Samantha, your friend perhaps over-estimates your knowledge of Greek! The phrase means: "My Goodness! I have such a fear!"

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