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 Iliad 1.39 - translating epi
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Posted - 15 Apr 2007 :  18:26:02  

Geia sas!

i have just a quick question that i cant seem to figure out... it the use of επί in line 39 of the Iliad...

Line 39:

Σμινθεύ, εί ποτέ τοι χαρίεντ' επί νηόν έρεψα

im just wondering how the word 'epi' should be translated here...

looking at it i get this translation:

Smintheus!, if ever i built (upon?) a pleasing temple for you...

any help would be appreciated




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Posted - 16 Apr 2007 :  00:19:21  


Hi John,

Think if ἐπὶ belongs to ἔρεψα, so that they should be translated together as ἐπέρρεψα, "dedicated to you", etc.

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Posted - 27 Apr 2007 :  17:39:54  


Indeed, in English it would be like saying "I under the work took for you" instead of "I undertook the work for you".

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Posted - 14 May 2007 :  01:13:36  


Pharr's note points to 1049. Prepositions are used both with nouns and verbs, but are often separated from the words they modify, sometimes following them. This separation in the case of verbs has been incorrectly named tmesis (τμῆσις cutting)...

Both George and Kevin's answers maked good sense.

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Posted - 26 Jun 2007 :  12:32:03  


I understanding έρεψα can mean "built" or the more limited "built a roof". So your original translation is good: "If I ever built a roof upon your pleasing temple..."


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