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Posted - 06 Sep 2006 :  15:04:34  

I moved back to the USA about 6 yrs ago and I've forgot my ancient Greek. I really need to jog my memory so I can teach my son both ancient and modern Greek. I want us to be able to read the old testament, Odesseus and the Iliad in it's original form (by the way were can I find those books at?) I need to get back to my roots. I still read, speak and write modern Greek I need help w/ my ancient greek. Please somebody help. I'll appreciate any help I can get.



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Posted - 06 Sep 2006 :  18:06:22  


First of all, don’t panic! Most important for your son is to have as his mother-tongue Greek, which means that you speak to him in Greek as much as you can. Modern Greek is essentially the same with ancient Greek, so don't force your son to learn ancient Greek. When he grows, he will decide if he will learn or not, unless you see that he likes to learn even from now. Besides of speaking to him in Greek, go together with him (as much as he likes to go, don't force him) to the local Orthodox Church, participate in the Liturgy, speak to him about the Christ. Have in his room a byzantine icon of the Christ (by all means avoid protestant or catholic icons, which are just works of art, good or bad, but not revelations of Him).

To learn or remember your Homer, try www.ellopos.net/elpenor/lessons/pharr.asp">Pharr's Homeric Greek

To find online editions of classical and byzantine texts, go to www.ellopos.net/elpenor/greek-texts/greek-resources-texts.asp">Elpenor's Resources

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Posted - 06 Sep 2006 :  20:29:56  


Try to visit the website http://www.biblegateway.com/ and search the version 1550 Stephanus New Testament

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Posted - 07 Sep 2006 :  14:30:55  


Thank You George you were very helpfull; my son is still young yet only 1 and a half yrs old but he understands when mama speaks to him in Greek. He's trying too. Well once again thank you!

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