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Posted - 20 Mar 2007 :  07:13:20  

Hey there, recently been watching the excellent HBO series the Wire. In season 2, episode 11 there are some fantastic Greek songs played. According to IMDB, the artists are:

Christos Nikolopoulos

Stelios Kazantzidis

I found some albums from them, but this haven't got tags, i'd appreciate a lot, if anybody can help me with this transliterate (what i mean by transliterate (fancy word there i realize...) is : give me the latin ("english") spellings of those last 4 tracks in greek / cryllic script, specially because i found the transliterate 18 firsts (http://www.freedb.org/freedb/misc/290e3a12)
Here the cover of cd: http://www.hidebehind.com/A9635F60

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS: Btw, what is the greek name for the track "Bread of Exile"??
PS2: i'd like a recomendation of another popular greek singer.



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Posted - 20 Mar 2007 :  13:54:17  


The 4 songs that you miss: 1) Einai ola mavra, 2) I koinonia, 3) Thelo na pethano, 4) To poukamiso.
Bread of Exile is ψωμὶ τῆς ἐξορίας (psomi tis exorias).

Personally I dislike the kind of songs Kazantzidis sings, so I can't recommend you anything similar. Old rempetika, although related somehow to this sound, are far more interesting. Try Vasilis Tsitsanis (a search with emule brought many results).

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Posted - 20 Mar 2007 :  15:28:47  


thanks so much for the reply, much appreciated.

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