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 Homer : Greek-English Interlinear Iliad
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Posted - 04 Mar 2007 :  14:12:48  

The 1888 Interlinear text of Homer's Iliad ( Clark - McKay )

Cf. www.ellopos.net/elpenor/greek-texts/ancient-greece/homer.asp">Homer Bilingual ( Greek / English ) Anthology



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Posted - 05 Mar 2007 :  11:24:00  


Thanks very much for putting this on-line. It gives people, especially beginners, the chance to have the special help and enjoyment of Homer in interlinear that otherwise is very hard to find.

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Ron Lawrence

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Posted - 06 May 2007 :  23:29:27  


For 40 years I've been looking for a suitable literal translation of Homer. Tried them all with little success. Your Interlinear Iliad beats them all. I am so grateful and it's renewed my quest to master the First Book of the Iliad. Along with PA Draper's Homer it makes a perfect combination. If only there was a spoken CD to complement them.

Thanks again for the Interlinear translation. I don't know of anything better.
Ron Lawrence

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Posted - 13 Jun 2007 :  04:33:46  


Dear Winston,

could you post the rest of the Greek Englisch Interlinear Iliad?

or could you guide my how to find it somewhere?

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Posted - 15 Jun 2007 :  13:32:25  


The full text is available through Google Books in pdf (Not available to all countries).

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Posted - 31 Jul 2007 :  21:24:58  


On the first page of Book 1, why is Aidi translated as "to Oreus"?

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