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 New host -Interlinear Gk-Eng Anabasis text & MP3
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Posted - 25 Feb 2007 :  21:52:04  

This is an Adobe .pdf file of the first two chapters of Xenophon's
"Anabasis". Under each word in Greek is it's English equivalent.
Reading this will not teach you Greek grammar, but it will do something almost as good: it will get you started DOING the language right now (if you know the letters), and give you familiarization with Greek which will make learning the grammar much easier, and it will readily increase your Greek vocabulary with almost no effort.
I will add other chapters later, and an audio file so you can listen along.

The "Anabasis" is a thrilling history from 400 B.C. when the Persian King's brother, Cyrus, hires 10,000 Greek troops to help him take over the Persian Empire. Cyrus gets killed, and the 10,000 must fight their way back. Xenophon came along on the mission as an observer and winds up as an intrepid leader of the Greeks, inspiring their many exploits on the way back to Greece. This expedition and this book showed the Greeks that they COULD with the right leader, overthrow the Persian Empire. ALEXANDER was that leader, and he definitely read this book to show him the way East.

This is the link to the pdf file: http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/175042/Xenophon-Interlinear-1st-59-pages-PDF.html(the file is 4 megabytes long and contains the first 59 pages of the text).

This is the link to an MP3 file, a s-l-o-w reading of chapter 1 of the Interlinear of the Anabasis, slow enough to follow along with the
printed text. It is in the "modern Greek pronounciation style", not
in the artificially created "Erasmian" style".
At this file sharing link, you'll have to scroll down and
type in some numbers shown on the screen, then wait till the green box counts down 30 seconds, then you can do the 4.5 meg file download.

This interlinear text often changes the order of the Greek words to make the sentences read in a more linear manner for English speakers. I thought this change might make it more difficult to switch back to the original text, but I found it has no negative effect at all.



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Posted - 11 Apr 2007 :  10:11:33  


Winston- Thank you very much for your efforts. The link on this page however leads to a 349 KB download of pages 129-130 of the Illiad.
Perhaps you would like to correct this. -Soquell

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Posted - 18 Dec 2007 :  07:10:30  


I was looking for just something like this.

(I'm studying White's "First Greek Book" and struggling through the passages of the "Anabasis" in it. I'm also studying Modern Greek, so recordings using the Modern Greek pronunciation would be ideal.)

Please let us know as soon as it becomes available.

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Posted - 26 Dec 2007 :  00:33:25  


the bigfile links for Xenophon are no longer hosted and need to be re-uploaded, if someone would be so kind. I would like to receive or download or receive the XENOPHON MP3 reading.

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