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 Etymology of moron and idiot.
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Posted - 19 Oct 2008 :  15:33:42  

The word MORON (foolish, stupid, idiot) derives from the Latin morus, which is a transliteration of the Greek μωρός (moros; fοοlish, stupid).

The word IDIOT (stupid, foolish, dull, moron, mentally dificient person) derives from the Latin idiota, which is a transliteration of the Greek idiotis (person lacking professional skill, lit. private person used for ignorant person) from idios (one's own).

From the same roots: idiom, idiomorphic, idiopathy, idiosyncrasy etc.

In modern Greek
α) μωρός: stupid, foolish [moros]
β) μωρία: folly, stupidity [moria]
γ) μωρό: baby [moro]
δ) μωρολογία: nonsense, idle talk [morologia]
ε) μωραίνω: stupefy, drive mad [moreno]
στ) ιδίωμα: idiom [idioma]
ζ) ιδιωτεύω: retire into private life [idiotevo]
η) ιδιώτης: private individual, civilian [idiotis]
θ) ιδιωτικός: private, personal [idiotikos]
ι) ιδιόχρηστος: used by the owner himself [idohristos]

More: http://ewonago.blogspot.com/2008/06/moron-and-idiot.html



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Posted - 20 Oct 2008 :  14:10:58  


Well, μωρός from μή ὁρᾷν (to do not see), in a wider sense to do not see what is convenient, also somebody who does not want to care about what is convenient.

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