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 Maximus and the Holy Spirit in Everything
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Posted - 16 Apr 2005 :  08:51:32  

May the Lord's Peace be with you!

First of all, I would like to give thanks for the opportunity ot share on this site. I thank the person(s) who have made this available.

Reference: www.ellopos.net/elpenor/greek-texts/fathers/maximus-holy-spirit.asp

Wisdom 12:1-2
Secondly, when I read this passage from Maximus I was very amazed that I had been thinking along the same lines; that is, in my meditations on this text. In this amazement of mine I felt two things. First, it dawned on me that man's spirit is one; that is, the Holy Spirit, in search for the truth and that I had been searching for this truth. Secondly, that I sensed a union with Maximus the Confessor in this searching. It ennobles one's Spirit to 'walk on the shoulders of giants.' It is thru their eyes that the lesser one's of mankind can look up to and find assistance in their search for truth. When you meet such a great Spirit as Maximus you question your powers to follow him in the search, as Aristotle or Plato or Gregory of Nyssa and the other greek fathers or Philosophers. Paraphrasing Aristotle, 'no one will miss the door;' that is, in the search for truth, the door to truth is always evident, the questioning mind, yet the truth itself as it is found is all different in each questioning mind and how we understnad it. It is this particular way of finding truth that I find relevant for myself in Maximus here.

First of all, he says, in interpreting this text of Holy Scripture, that the Holy Spirit is in everything. This is a great mystery, since daily those who have faith are in touch with those who search for it or who do not have it yet and still we are commanded to 'love' them in Christ Jesus. This truth is as true as it was when it was first translated in the Greek bible and interpreted in the Septuagint by the sacred author and others.

Because the search for truth is as vast as the Oceans does nto mean we cannot travel to it by means of the tiny rivulets that are connected to it, but it means that as Aristotle says in the beginning of his book on Meatphysics, (paraphrasing) we hope to make some advance towards it in union with all human endeavors. This again, I find striking in Maximus, that he has acknowledged the Holy Spirit in every human endeavor, regardless of every human intention in using the HolySpirit's guidance-this gives hope to humanity. In short, in reading and meditating on this text, I have 'walked away' from this site better founded in my search for truth and 'touch' its atmospheres still alive in such texts as this one.

Thank you
May St. Maximus Spirit llive on in all



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