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Posted - 30 Aug 2006 :  10:40:53  

Hi everybody!

Unfortunately I didn't study greek at school and I'm trying to learn now.

I need to write this in ancient greek:

"Don't worry, be quiet!"

"Everything's going all right".

Can anybody help me out?




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Posted - 30 Aug 2006 :  12:24:41  


Ἡσυχίαν ἄγε, ἅπαντα καλῶς βαίνει

Transliterated (esychian aghe, apanta kalos vainei)

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Posted - 31 Aug 2006 :  08:55:43  


George, thanks.

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Posted - 31 Aug 2006 :  17:31:15  


hey every body
i would like to know what are these words' meaning in greek:
cheers, have a nice return, so long, frantically

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Posted - 31 Aug 2006 :  17:49:16  


Another alternative would be: "Μὴ ταράττῃ, σίγᾳ." And then "ἃπαντα καλῶς βαίνει".

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Posted - 02 Sep 2006 :  02:55:49  


Hi Taha,

cheers : χαῖρε (chaere=be full of joy)
have a nice return : καλὴ ἐπιστροφή (kali epistrophi)
so long : ἔρρωσο (erosso = be well, in good health)
frantically : ἐξάλλως (exalos=alienated from the natural and wise condition)

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