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 hi all : should I use modern Greek pronunciation?
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Posted - 09 Aug 2006 :  17:15:43  

Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been lurking here for a couple of hours & it looks like an awesome forum. I've recently taken an interest in Greek, especially NT Greek, & am trying to learn. I'm not far along at all in my studies, but I do have most of the alphabet down. Classes are unfortunately not an option for me right now, so I'm currently doing this alone & on the cheap. Lately I've been debating which pronunciation scheme to follow... the website I've been reading from so far teaches the Erasmian pronunciation, but after a bit more reading, I'm leaning toward learning the modern Greek pronunciation. Any suggestions on this? Which is actually easier for a newbie?

Another thing I've been focusing on is improving my skills in English, to have a better foundation for accurately grasping Greek grammar. It's quite a bit different! [:)] Learning another language seems like a daunting task for little ol' monolingual me, but I'm determined to keep at it. I hope I can learn a lot from this forum & make a good contribution to it as well. I'm looking forward to talking with all of you.

Thanks for reading,



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Posted - 09 Aug 2006 :  20:23:51  


You are very welcome

I guess you've read the discussions we had here over this problem of pronunciation. I agree with both of your decisions, learning good English, where you can build a better learning of Greek. Our mother tongue comes first for us, no matter how great any other language may be.

Then read Greek with passion. Not just rules and exercises, but take texts that excite you.

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Posted - 21 Sep 2006 :  01:50:08  


[:D] Hi I'm kind of a newby in Greek.. and I've been looking around and looks awsome[:D] I wanna learn Greek.. and I decided I'll do it the hadr way.. through English. I'm a non-native english speaker , but i have faith in my capacity of learning.. I kinda have a soft spot for foreign languages.. I speak Romanian, English and French.. So I need some help with my 4th language[8D] .. I'd apreciate it [:)]

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