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Posted - 05 Feb 2006 :  07:13:15  

George, is that you, Giorgio A.?
Some time ago, I communicated with a Giorgio on an Italian Forum, and since he was from Athens, now I thought you might be that George. (Forgive my supposition, if I am wrong. If I am right, I am glad I came across this Forum and found you here.)

As a retired aging man, I should be walking and sleeping, but here I am spending hours at the computer. For the last six years or so, I have done more writing than in the previous 30 years -- years of brain idling after studies of science, philosophy, and armed service (and economic and political thoughts that earned me a C.I.A. investigation...) I am an American citizen, but I was born in Italy and spent my youthful years in Italy.

Mihi nihil alienum... I am interested in all things and never have enough time to investigate them while enjoying them. There is so much I want to read! Lately I have been concerned with peoples and civilizations, dwindling Europe and white America, and in particular with Greek culture and linguistic studies. I am pursuing etymological studies in the area of "Indo-European languages." (I am not a glottologist, but I investigate and probe into languages as I do into mathematics and into the nature of things; it is one and the same "philosophical mind" that is at work.)

At this time I should like to post etymological studies as I make them, but it might be better, and more useful for the readers, if I posted the series that concerns the "Indo-European Languages" and the important role that Greek plays in them. (I can start with an excursion into my family name and my native town in Southern Italy, specifically in the area where the Greeks called themselves Italiotes.... I am one of the "true" Italians -- right from where Italy began.)

Should I post in the section on Language, or are you going to open a new community, "ETYMOLOGY"?

Amedeo Amendola [Philotheos Amygdale; Gottlieb Mandel; etc.]



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Posted - 06 Feb 2006 :  20:46:30  


Hi Amedeo

I'm sorry but I just have the same name with your friend. Please post any text about etymology at the 'interpretation' community (inside Language).

Glad to have you with us


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