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 Yarmuk and Byzantine defeat
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Posted - 19 Sep 2006 :  03:14:48  

Dear all,

This debate was raised in another forum, and I would like to have more opinions. What indeed caused the Byzantine defeat to the Arabs at Yarmuk in 636? I am well aware that historians still debate the issue. Was it an overall lack of good Byzantine military leadership, maladministration of the Empire, religious fractions that made it easier for whole segments of the Empire to split, Arab strength and skills, or simply Byzantine 'bad luck?'

Thank you for your inputs,




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Posted - 21 Sep 2006 :  09:30:33  


You don’t have to keep just one reason, nor all of them, or with the same importance. I tend to agree with Ostrogorsky, that after the victory against the Persian empire, both Byzantium and Persia were exhausted. Arabs took advantage of this, and after their victory against Persians they continued to Byzantium. Religious problems with the Coptic and Syrian population existed already, it can’t be a decisive factor, in my opinion, neither lack of military leadership, a leadership just proved against Persians. It seems that the long confrontation of Persia with Byzantium prepared the way to the Arabs.

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