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Posted - 27 Nov 2016 :  17:17:22  

In my readings, of both the classic and Christian authors I often need to go beyond the translations because I want to fully understand some of the verbal forms from a grammatical standpoint.
The Perseus Project is invaluable in this respect, because it provides a word-by-word lexical link for each author's works , but unfortunately not all the authors are covered.
I wonder if there are similar philological tools available online covering later christian authors, like the Greek Church Fathers...
The irregular verbs change their roots in the aorist or perfect becoming unrecognizable from the the main lemma listed in the dictionary( see the verbs φέρω or τρέχω or ὁράω ( the latter changing the verbal root to ὀπ- (v. ὄψ) or Vid, like in εἶδον/οἶδα !)
Can anybody tell me if there are dictionaries available online or in print, listing just these irregular verbal forms in alphabetical order?





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Posted - 28 Nov 2016 :  03:25:42  


I'm afraid you have to stick with what you already know. But: if you study the Classics AND you learn the verbs you encounter, not just solving an interpretation problem until you face it again, then you won't have any problem with the Fathers, since the verbs are the same. Moreover, if you paste in Perseus a verb form you find elsewhere, Perseus will give you all forms letting you know to which verb belongs the form that you found.

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