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 Greek and Roman references about following Indians
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Posted - 31 Aug 2006 :  10:43:02  

A gymnosophist called Mahavira Vardhman use to live in India he was called the 24th Hermit by his followers.


The religion which he followed or created is called Jainism in India. He use to live naked ascetic life. Is there any account on his life in greek History or literature. Probably the teacher of Gautam Buddha who founded Buddhism. Buddha was also called as Ioasaph in greek and later on recommended as saint Josaphat in Christain Doctrine.
But according to Christain Doctrine it was said that saint Barlaam a hermit was indeed the teacher of saint Josapat, so I want to know whether Saint Barlaam was a gymnosophist. If yes, then he could be Mahavira Vardhman a gymnosophist who followed or created Jainism and his discple Gautam Buddha created Buddhism. Both attained Enlightment. Is there any account of them in Greek legend, Greek history or any other rarest information.

During alexander's time another hermit gymnosophist follower of Mahavira Vardhman called calanus met Alexander the great.




It was said that Alexander's camp however managed to take Sakyamuni to greek. Any information about him.

Later on at the time of Augustus Ceasar a hermit called Zarmaros (or Zarmanochegas) he was also called as Shramacharya burnt himself alive in Athens he came along with the embassy of king Pandion of India. Is there any account about him.



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