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Pneuma Bibliou

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Posted - 27 Oct 2004 :  19:20:47  

Hello. I thought I would post this topic for students of Greek to share tips and help each other. An additional reason is that I need a bit of help myself.

I am a student who has just completed a first-year Greek grammar of the New Testament. Not having a teacher, I taught the grammar to myself, and I suppose that any other Greek that I learn will be self-taught too. I would like to move on to the classics, and become proficient in Greek. Do any of you know how I should continue my studying? Should I pick a book and delve in, or try to find some lessons? I like some of the books on Textkit, especially the First Greek Writer and the Homeric reader, but I prefer learning from something in print. Does anyone have a suggestion?



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Posted - 27 Oct 2004 :  20:57:58  


You can try both, work alone on the Iliad or Odyssey, and use lessons. For the second option (or part) of your study, I suggest www.ellopos.net/elpenor/lessons/pharr.asp">Pharr’s Homeric Greek – a book for beginners. At the address above, you can read parts of Pharr’s prologue on why Homer is the best start, you will find links to download the full first edition of the book in pdf format, or buy in print the revised edition.

Besides these, you can work together with others who learn Greek. There is already Kaveh, who tries to find someone to do it (you can read his message www.ellopos.net/elpenor/koinonia/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=27">here; it is about Xenophon, but he told me that he is interested in anyone of the Classics - just needs someone to study together).

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Posted - 11 Feb 2006 :  07:08:17  


Hello everyone,
I'm new here, and very new to Greek. I have really enjoyed perusing your site and have found it very informative. I have taken no Greek classes and I am hoping to learn as much as I can on my own. My problem is that I am interested in New testament Greek and the Classic Philosophers and Mathematicians. (Actually my thought was how great to study " Euclids Elements" in the original language and then with some research discovered the vast amount of literature and philosophy which could also be at my fingertips if I put in the work.)
So having read many of the post's I thought some of you might have suggestions as to where a great place to begin. New Testament Greek and work backwards. Or begin with Homer and work my way back towards the present. Keeping in mind that my intension is to put in the time which I'm assuming to at least a few years to get a starts. Any suggestions? Oh I guess I should add that I don't have any linguistic or classic language background. I was a music major in school.
Thanks for any help

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Posted - 21 Sep 2006 :  01:30:23  


Hi! I'm so interested in learning Greek.. but i donno where to start. I learned the alphabet and i know the letters but i donno how to transalte them in english letters? I really wanna learn Greek.. Call it part of my past.. My grandpa's half greek. If anyone here knows where to start .. let me know. I'd appreciate it a lot!

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Posted - 22 Sep 2006 :  16:57:37  


This is only a personal opinion!

One great way of learning Greek in all its 'glory' is to start with Modern Greek (Dimothiki) to get a feeling and appreciation of the richness of the language, but especially the 'real' sounds (phonology) of Greek. A student of an ancient language always does better by learning a modern form (or derived language) first.

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Posted - 23 Sep 2006 :  00:18:00  


Well, as you Priscian, I thought I should learn modern too, seeing also that I know a few words already.

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