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Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

Page 3

The Virtue of a King - Emperor Basil to his son Leo (Romanian translation)

The Virtue of a King - Deacon Agapetus to Justinian (Romanian translation)

Gregory of Moldova, Christian Pedagogy (Romanian translation)

Martin Crucius, Turcograecia A History of Modern Greek Literature

Daniel Mendelsohn, Cavafy : The Life of a Poet, Peter Green, Cavafy : The supreme modern poet of nostalgia

Census of English-language translations of Modern Greek Literature

Elytis, Mother far away, my Everlasting Rose (from Axion Esti), I know the night no longer, Greek the language they gave me * Seferis, Our Sun * Sinopoulos, The Bell * Karyotakis, Nobility, A Clerk * Engonopoulos, Arcesilaus * K. Palamas, Ruins * Anagnostakis, There Were People * Ritsos, Our Land, Epilogue Σκέψεις του Γιώργου Σεφέρη Ένα ποίημα (του Καβάφη) κι ένα σχόλιο (του Ρένου Αποστολίδη): Κι αν δεν μπορείς να κάνεις τη ζωή σου όπως τη θέλεις... * Περισσότερα στα ελληνικά * More Modern Greek Poetry

   The Greeks, we know, were laboring many hundred years upon their language before they brought it to perfection. They rejected all those signs, and cut off as many articles as they could spare; comprehending in one word what we are constrained to express in two; which is one reason why we cannot write so concisely as they have done. - Dryden


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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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