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Speaking Greek



Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

EAD Elpenor's Greek lessons, where some of the main reasons of learning Greek are at work. The beginning of a course (the Alphabet and Homer), which you must finish! Read more...  Bookmark Elpenor's Koinonia, a forum where you can talk with other persons who learn or know Greek.

Homer and the study of Greek, by Clyde Pharr - "Homer is interesting not only to older students, but is particularly adapted to the youngest who now take Greek, as the earliest experiments, made with boys from nine to fourteen years of age, have amply demonstrated". Read more. Cf. Andrew Lang, We need Homer and the Study of Greek.

Homer : Greek - English Interlinear Iliad

An outline of Greek grammar, with brief reading lessons, designed for beginners in the New Testament

A Greek Vocabulary - Basic New Testament Words

Greek Pronunciation   Theories of pronouncing ancient Greek (a discussion)

Greek accentuation

Select a Greek letter, word or phrase to listen to

The Lord's Prayer (Pater Emon), narrated by Elli Lampeti

Christ is Risen (Χριστὸς Ἀνέστη) as chanted in the Orthodox Church

Some Important Greek Words  Why is Greek such a great language?

R. W. Livingstone, On the Ancient Greek Literature

Jean Humbert, On the dual number

The error of Erasmus and un-greek pronunciations of Greek

Greek Language Communities

Polytonic unicode fonts and utilities 

Greek translation services (high quality, nice rates).

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