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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

Dia Philippides, CENSUS of Modern Greek Literature

English-language translations of works of nineteenth and twentieth century Greek authors that were published in book-form in the period 1824-1987


The Original Greek New Testament

From: CENSUS of Modern Greek Literature: Check-list of English Language Sources Useful in the Study of Modern Greek Literature (1824-1987). New Haven: Modern Greek Studies Association, 1990.  - Greek unicode polytonic fonts

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    MOST of these translations are listed in Chapter 7 of the CENSUS; their original entry number from the CENSUS is preserved in the present file. Total number of 19th and 20th century Greek authors with English translations published in book-form 1824-1987: 137. Total number of entries in the present file: 352.

    The (Greek) authors (of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries) are listed alphabetically by their last names. In the entries the names have been given in the actual forms in which they appear in the sources (insofar as could be determined). In the (centered) headings, however, the spelling has been generally standardized to follow the transliteration scheme proposed by Linos Politis in his History of Modern Greek Literature (Robert Liddell, tr. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1973. Reprinted with corrections, 1975). A guide to the transcription used here is given below; however, exceptions are made when the name is already well-known in a diferent form, viz. Demetrios Capetanakis, C.P. Cavafy (not Kavafis), John Chioles, Kay Cicellis, Andonis Decavalles, N.C. Germanacos, Stratis Haviaras, Vasso Kalamaras, George Thaniel, usually as the author has lived extensively outside Greece.

    Under the heading of each author the works are arranged in the alphabetical order of their title. An asterisk placed at the beginning of an entry indicates that it has not been possible to inspect that item personally: the information is that available from bibliographical sources.

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