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Subject I know the night no longer, by Od. Elytis

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Publication 130 By christos on Sunday, August 26, 2001 at 22:53   
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I know the night no longer, the terrible anonymity of death
A fleet of stars moors in the haven of my heart
O Hesperos, sentinel, that you may shine by the side
Of a skyblue breeze on an island which dreams
Of me anouncing the dawn from its rocky heights
My twin eyes set you sailing embraced
With my true heart's star: I know the night no longer
I know the names no longer of a world which disavows me
I read seashells, leaves, and the stars clearly
My hatred is superfluous on the roads of the sky
Unless it is the dream which watches me again
As I walked by the sea of immortality in tears
O Hesperos, under the arc of your golden fire
I know the night no longer that is a night only.

ODYSSEUS ELYTIS. Translated by Kimon Friar

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