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   Cf. J. Strong's Greek in a Nutshell - An outline of Greek grammar, with brief reading lessons, designed for beginners in the New Testament

   Homer : Greek - English Interlinear Iliad

   Some Important Greek Words, by Elpenor

The Lord's Prayer (Pater Emon), narrated by Elli Lampeti

   Discernment picks:  Graced and easy, or calm and happy? Physis and Nature  Polysemy  Church and Ecclesia, Obedience and Hypakoe, Bishop and Episcopus Divine names Politeia and State

      Cf. Homer: Achilles' Grief, Returning to Ithaca, The Underworld  Orphica: Everything was generated by Love, From man you became God  Plato: Studying Death, Ways to Hades, The Real World, Self-knowledge, Wisdom, Philosophy needs eyesight, Lovers, A nature of wondrous beauty, A moving image of eternity, We are a heavenly flower, Becoming like God, Birth in good and beauty   Virgil: To return and view the cheerful skies  Horace: Be resigned to greatness  Ovid: Achilles' death  Clement of Alexandria: O the perfect child!  Origen: You will find a divine perception  Gregory the Theologian: God with Gods is being united, Unity found its rest in Trinity  Basil the Great: Glorifying the greatness of His deity, A likeness of eternity  Gregory of Nyssa: Everything shares in the Beautiful  Boethius: His mourning moved the depths of hell   Maximus Confessor: Nothing is empty of the Holy Spirit  Erigena: By His seeing and running all things are made   Symeon the New Theologian: Becoming invisible and suddenly appearing  Meister Eckhart: Entirely within, entirely without   Nicholas Cabasilas: The old and the new Adam  Hoelderlin: The God is near, and hard to grasp, Hyperion's song of destiny   Schiller: A glorious humanity   Gogol: We recognise in them the divine origin of man (margin: Keats, To Homer Emerson: When the Gods come among men  Rilke: Ein Wehn im Gott   Heidegger: Through a foundational poetic and noetic experience of Being   Helen Keller: The length, breadth and sweep of heavens are mine!  Cavafy: The Horses of Achilles  Papatsonis: Scheme, Hestia, Wisdom, In Rising Sound

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Learning Greek will prove beneficial to the way you treat all languages from now on. - Elpenor's Second Lesson

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