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from St Basil's Homilies on the Holy Spirit, * 27.66. Translated by B. Jackson, Greek Fonts ||| St Basil Home Page


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E pray standing, on the first day of the week, but we do not all know the reason. On the day of the resurrection we remind ourselves of the grace given to us by standing at prayer, not only because we rose with Christ, and are bound to "seek those things which are above," but because the day seems to us to be in some sense an image of the age which we expect, wherefore, though it is the beginning of days, it is not called by Moses first, but one. For he says "There was evening, and therewas morning, one day," as though the same day often recurred. Now "one and "eighth" are the same, in itself distinctly indicating that really "one" and "eighth" of which the Psalmist makes mention in certain titles of the Psalms, the state which follows after this present time, the day which knows no waning or eventide, and no successor, that age which endeth not or groweth old.

αἰῶνα μιμεῖται τῇ ὁμοιότητι

Τούτου χάριν πάντες μὲν ὁρῶμεν κατ΄ ἀνατολὰς ἐπὶ τῶν προσευχῶν, ὀλίγοι δὲ ἴσμεν ὅτι τὴν ἀρχαίαν ἐπιζητοῦμεν πατρίδα͵ τὸν παράδεισον͵ ὃν ἐφύτευσεν ὁ Θεὸς ἐν Ἐδὲμ κατ΄ ἀνατολάς. Ὀρθοὶ μὲν πληροῦμεν τὰς εὐχὰς ἐν τῇ μιᾷ τοῦ σαββάτου· τὸν δὲ λόγον οὐ πάντες οἴδαμεν. Οὐ γὰρ μόνον ὡς συναναστάντες Χριστῷ καὶ τὰ ἄνω ζητεῖν ὀφείλοντες͵ ἐν τῇ ἀναστασίμῳ ἡμέρᾳ τῆς δεδομένης ἡμῖν χάριτος διὰ τῆς κατὰ τὴν προσευχὴν στάσεως ἑαυτοὺς ὑπομιμνήσκομεν· ἀλλ΄ ὅτι δοκεῖ πως τοῦ προσδοκωμένου αἰῶνος εἶναι εἰκών. Διὸ καὶ ἀρχὴ οὖσα ἡμερῶν͵ οὐχὶ πρώτη παρὰ Μωϋσέως͵ ἀλλὰ μία ὠνόμασται. Ἐγένετο γάρ͵ φησίν͵ ἑσπέρα͵ καὶ ἐγένετο πρωΐ͵ ἡμέρα μία· ὡς τῆς αὐτῆς ἀνακυκλουμένης πολλάκις. Καὶ μία τοίνυν ἡ αὐτὴ καὶ ὀγδόη τὴν μίαν ὄντως ἐκείνην καὶ ἀληθινὴν ὀγδόην͵ ἧς καὶ ὁ ψαλμῳδὸς ἔν τισιν ἐπιγραφαῖς τῶν ψαλμῶν ἐπεμνήσθη͵ δι΄ ἑαυτῆς ἐμφανίζουσα͵ τὴν μετὰ τὸν χρόνον τοῦτον κατάστασιν͵ τὴν ἄπαυστον ἡμέραν͵ τὴν ἀνέσπερον͵ τὴν ἀδιάδοχον͵ τὸν ἄληκτον ἐκεῖνον καὶ ἀγήρω αἰῶνα.

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