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The Solemn Declaration of Stuttgart

Rediscovering the Path to Europe
Em. Macron, Rediscovering the Path to Europe

Stuttgart, 19 June 1983. Bulletin of the European Communities (1983). nr. 6. 




2.1 The European Council


2.1.1 The European Council brings together the Heads of State or Government and the President of the Commission assisted by the Foreign Ministers of the Member States and a member of the Commission.

2.1.2 In the perspective of European Union, the European Council

2.1.3 When the European Council acts in matters within the scope of the European Communities, it does so in its capacity as the Council within the meaning of the Treaties.

2.1.4. The European Council will address a report to the European Parliament after each of its meetings. This report will be presented at least once during each Presidency by the President of the European Council.

The European Council will also address a written annual report to the European Parliament on progress towards European Union.

In the debates to which these reports give rise, the European Council will normally be represented by its President or one of its members.



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Rediscovering the Path to Europe Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

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