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Welcome to the European Witness pages of the European Prospect

  This section presents critical information on important European issues, currently on Papacy and Turkey.

  Most of the problems Europe faces today, come from the past, a past influenced to a great extent by the institution of Papacy. What is papacy, what is the relationship of papacy with the loss of faith, how papacy contributed to the formation of the European character? These and similar questions are answered in the European Witness Papacy pages.


  What is the problem with Turkey becoming a member of the European Union? European Witness pages on Turkey do not reveal only the nature of this country, but also explain that this is not just a balance of power issue. Accepting Turkey is equal with destroying the spirit of the European union, even if the political organisation as such would not suffer any damage at all. Enter the European Witness Turkey pages.



Rediscovering the Path to Europe Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

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