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A union, not a unity: The Briand Memorandum


     No one today doubts that the lack of cohesion in the pooling of the material and moral forces of Europe does in fact constitute the most serious obstacle to the development and efficiency of all political or judicial institutions on which the foundations of any universal organisation of peace tend to be based. Neither does this dispersion of energy limit less seriously, in Europe, the possibilities of enlarging the economic market, the attempts at intensifying and ameliorating industrial production, and thereby every guarantee against labour crises, which are sources of both political and social instability...  Read Complete

      Cf.  Proudhon, Principe Fédératif * Le mémorandum d'Alexis Leger * Kalergi, European Spirit must Precede Europe's Political Unification * La Construction de l'Europe selon Jean Monnet * Plan Fouchet * L'Union Européenne selon Altiero Spinelli * Mitterrand and Kohl urge European Political Union

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