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    Confusion of ideas and eudemonism together with a cruel logic that tends to ignore man as the purpose of social life, have distorted the cultural exemplar of Europe... Only Europe, who generated all ideas, can rennovate and humanise them again. Provided that we won't put forward as primary target of the European Union material prosperity.

Constantine Karamanlis

The World of Greece


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 Welcome to the Political Progress section of the European Prospect
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 This section presents important documents, plans, treaties, memoranda, etc., helping us understand the process of the European unification. 

 Here are published texts by Leger, de Gaulle, Kohl, Prouhdon, Kalergi, Churchill, Thatcher, Delors, Mitterrand, Fischer, Karamanlis - the Briand Memorandum, the Plan Fouchet, etc. - Contents page

 A first and most interesting impression these documents give reveals an agony about possible ways of action, of a European Union that would have a voice and common will.

 However, it seems not to be always clear in the thinking of political parties that a common European will can not be based just on 'well-tempered' institutions, without knowledge and deep concord on a meaning of the European history that would not be exhausted in wellfare and power.

 A special section named European Witness gives essential information about crucial political issues and factors, currently about Papacy and Turkey.

   Mail selections :  The Idea of United European Nations , Diplomacy against the odds


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