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Wilkins Micawber: The Story Within

The Phiz Illustrations of David Copperfield
Complete collection, with extracts from the relevant David Copperfield chapters. Thumbnails and (sometimes very) large images - take care !

Dickens' Dublin (The Palace) - Words and music by Loreena McKennitt
Them & the book - Simon Callow's performance of "The Mystery of Charles Dickens"

Dickens' England, The Engraved Tour, In 4 pages (25 images)

Mail picks and FQA: Understanding Dickens' tenses We want more novels like David Copperfield A print version of the Phiz Illustrations? Student help?

Like Robinson Crusoe and Grimm's Fairy Tales and the Waverly Novels, Pickwick and David Copperfield are not books, but stories communicated by word of mouth in those tender years when fact and fiction merge, and thus belong to the memories and myths of life, and not to its esthetic experience.

Virginia Woolf

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