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The Authentic Greek New Testament
The Authentic Greek New Testament

The Philosophical Europe

Why Europe?

 Why Europe? - Editorial, by Nat Gerrs

Greek Identity of Europe
(at Elpenor's Libraries)

The Making of Europe

Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

Horace, Wife of the Invincible

Ovid, The Rape of Europa

Virgil, Europe & Beyond

Hippocrates, Europeans Have Courage
(margin: Aristotle, Europeans, Asians, and Greeks)

Dante, The Vision of a Universal Superstate

Henry Morgenthau, The German Character (Germany is our Problem)

Siegfried Kracauer, From Caligari To Hitler

Novalis, The Fall of Europe
(margin: To Endless Life Along)

Valery, What is to Become of the European Spirit?
La Crise De L'Esprit

Ernest Renan, What is a Nation?

Denis de Rougemont, Open Letter to the Europeans
(margin: Nietzsche,  Nationalism is Mediocrity)

Gunter Grass, Shame of Europe


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