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Dante, The Vision of a Universal Superstate

Excerpts from Dante's De Monarchia and Convivio; contributed to the European Prospect pages by Laellius.


          ...It is necessary that the whole earth, and all that is given to the human race to possess, should be a Monarchy--that is, a single principality, having one prince who, possessing all things and being unable to desire anything else, would keep the kings content within the boundaries of their kingdoms and preserve among them the peace in which the cities might rest. Through this peace the communities would come to love one another, and by this love all households would provide for their needs, which when provided would bring man happiness, for this is the end for which he is born...  Read Complete

    Cf. Hippocrates, Europeans Have Courage (margin: Aristotle, Europeans, Asians, and Greeks), Victor Hugo, My Revenge is Fraternity! (margin: the Enlargement of Civilization), La Loi du Monde n'est pas et ne peut pas Ítre Distincte de la Loi de Dieu

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