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The Solemn Declaration of Stuttgart


    In order to cope with the increasing problems of international politics, the necessary reinforcement of European Political Cooperation must be ensured, in particular by the following measures: intensified consultations with a view to permitting timely joint action on all major foreign policy questions of interest to the Ten as a whole; prior consultation with the other Member States in advance of the adoption of final positions on these questions. The Heads of State or Government underline their undertaking that each Member State will take full account of the positions of its partners and give due weight to the adoption and implementation of common European positions when working out national positions and taking national action...  Read Complete

      Cf.  Proudhon, Principe Fédératif * Le mémorandum d'Alexis Leger * The Briand Memorandum * Kalergi, European Spirit must Precede Europe's Political Unification * La Construction de l'Europe selon Jean Monnet * Plan Fouchet * L'Union Européenne selon Altiero Spinelli * Mitterrand and Kohl urge European Political Union * Il Manifesto di Ventotene

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