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Violations of Free Expression in Turkey: Human Rights Watch

How Turkey re-writes history

The Turkish Crime of our Century

Three Brave Turkish Writers

Turkey's "civilization" / Monuments of barbarity

The Black Book of the Sufferings of the Greek People in Turkey from the Armistice to the end of 1920, by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Turkish Crimes Against humanity


The Destruction of Smyrna by the Turks

The Genocide of the Eastern Christians of the city of Smyrna in 1922, by M. H. Dobkin

The Burning of the city of Smyrna

Smyrna 1922, Memories

The Asia Minor Holocaust of 1922 - Four articles from the New York Times

Photo album 1922 - More photos (powerpoint presentation)
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Cf. To destroy Europe, let Turkey in - a discussion

The Systematic Extermination of Christian Populations by Turks


Rediscovering the Path to Europe Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

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Home of the European Prospect

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