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The Armenian Genocide

Photographic evidence of ethnic cleansing

Robert Fisk: The forgotten holocaust

The killing of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turks during the First World War remains one of the bloodiest and most contentious episodes of the 20th century. Robert Fisk (The Independent, 2007) visits Yerevan, and unearths hitherto unpublished images of the first modern genocide

A Chronology of the Assyrian Genocide

Before the Silence, news reports by Sofia Kostos

World resolutions condemning Turkey for committing genocide

Defixiones, by Diamanda Galás

Cyprus Invasion 1974

U.N. Resolutions regarding Cyprus  

The Pontian-Greek Genocide

Bitter Homage : systematic slaughter of Pontian Greeks by Turkish troops and Kurdish irregulars.

The Sword of the Prophet - Islam: History, Theology, Impact on the World

Christianity and Islam - Two related, yet different religions

Bartholomew’s lessons of faith and intelligence Bartholomew: madness without limits The Papal Chrislamism Eurabia VaticanaIs not Europe for Europeans?

Christian leaders begging forgiveness of Allah!

The American Turkish Council helps create new world order

Weapons of Christmas Destruction


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Cf. To destroy Europe, let Turkey in - a discussion

The Systematic Extermination of Christian Populations by Turks


Rediscovering the Path to Europe Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

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