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Kalergi, A European spirit must precede Europe's political unification

Rediscovering the Path to Europe
Em. Macron, Rediscovering the Path to Europe

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It fights with all its power for peace, but only for a peace founded on national equality and European culture. Any other solution signifies not the salvation but the suicide of Europe.

Therefore the victory of Great Britain and France is the condition for a PanEuropean solution of the European question. This victory alone can ensure the creation of a United States of Europe.

Britain, France, and their allies would dictate the terms of peace, and found the United States of Europe in order to make a third European war impossible, and create the foundations for European reconciliation and a common economic revival after the terrible waste of war.

In 1919 the victors missed this great opportunity. At that time the means of uniting and reconciling Europe for all time lay at hand. They preferred to create a worldwide, but powerless, League of Nations, and a Europe torn by hate, vengefulness, nationalism, and distress behind the barriers created by tariffs and currencies. We are still reaping the evil fruits which were thus sown in evil. When, in the near future, Europe finds itself in the same situation it must not, through the short-sightedness and amateurism of its leaders, fail a second time to utilise this opportunity. To this end the Paneuropa movement must already have been made strong enough to enforce with all the means which can operate on public opinion the reconciliation and unification of Europe at the decisive moment.

Had there been a strong Paneuropa movement before the [First] World War the European league would have become a reality as early as 1919. We can do nothing to alter the sorrowful past, but we can prepare a better future, and must be morally armed for the great decisions of tomorrow.

For since 1919 Europe has been enriched by two all-important lessons namely, that a policy of national revenge only produces new national revenge; and that a worldwide League of Nations is at least a century in advance of its time.

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Rediscovering the Path to Europe Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

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