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Posted - 12 Mar 2007 :  00:32:00  

Hey again everybody! The first few chapters of Pharr were pretty self explanatory... I'm having some trouble though with chapter 8 and am not overly confident about these translations ive made...

The main troubles im having is trying to translate what I use everyday in modern greek as the article… as a pronoun. Its sooo annoying! Lol plus because my grammar isn’t totally good im having trouble knowing what ‘demonstrative, personal, and relative pronouns’ are exactly… when do I know when to use either «ο, η, το... ος, η, ο... εκείνος-η-ο...» and what is the difference between γαρ and ούνεκα?

These are the translations i have made for the chapter:

Greek to English:

Δίος εκηβόλος αυτός αείδει, αλλ' ουχ ανδάνει άλλοισι θεοίσι θυμώ.
The divine sharp-shooter himself sings, but it is not pleasing to other god's souls.

Κείνοι Αχαιοί ατιμάζουσι τούς θεούς.
Those Achaeans insult the gods.

ο εκηβόλος πέμπει νούσον κακήν ανά στρατόν Αχαιών και κακώς ολέκει κείνον λαόν, ούνεκα τον ατιμάζουσιν.
The sharp-shooter sends a wicked plague through the Achaean encampment and harshly it kills that people, because they insulted him.

ουκ ατιμάζομεν τους θεούς, οί έχουσι σκήπτρα χρύσεα.
we do not dis-honour those gods, who have golden sceptres.

ο εκηβόλος τε και οι άλλοι θεοί φέρουσι χρύσεα σκύπτρα καλά.
This sharp-shooter and also those other gods bring fine golden sceptres.

τίς τεύχει τα σκήπτρα χρύσεα τοίσι θεοίς θαλάσσης?
who fashions those golden sceptres for those gods of the sea?

αείδει εκηβόλος αυτός βουλάς άλλων θεών τοίσιν Αχαιοίσιν?
Does the sharp-shooter sing himself the plans of other gods to the Achaeans?

Εισιν οι Αχαιοί καλοί, οι ολέκουσι τον στρατον καίουσί τε τας πυράς?
Are those Achaeans good, they who destroy that camp and burn those pyres?

Η θεά της δεινής θαλάσσης έχει το σκήπτρον χρύσεον.
This goddess of the fearful sea has that golden sceptre.

Ενι τη πάτρη εισιν αι πυραί.
In this homeland are those pyres.

Τίς τεύχει τον στρατον ελώρια τοίσιν οιωνοίσιν?
Who fashions this army (as) prey for those vultures?

English to Greek:

Does the divine sharp-shooter himself sing these noble plans of the gods?
Δίος εκηβόλος αυτός αείδει τας βουλάς καλάς θεών?

Why is it not pleasing to these other gods who are in the sea?
Τί ου ανδάνει τοίσιν άλλοισιν θεοίσιν οι εν θαλάσση?

That Achaean dis-honours those gods of his fatherland who have these golden sceptres.
Ο Αχαιός ατιμάζει τους θεούς πάτρης οι έχουσι τα σκήπτρα χρύσεα.

This free-shooter sends many evil plagues up through the camp of the Achaeans and destroys countless peoples, because they dis-honour him.
Ο εκηβόλος πέμπει νουσούς πολλούς κακούς ανα στρατόν Αχαιών και ολέκουσι μυρίους λαούς, ούνεκα τον ατιμάζουσιν.

Who is burning those funeral pyres of the Achaeans by the terrible sea?
Τίς καίει τας πυράς Αχαιών επί θαλλάσης δεινής?

This free-shooter makes countless Achaeans a booty for the birds, because they dis-honour these beautiful goddesses of the sea.

Ο εκηβόλος τεύχει μυρίους Αχαιούς ελώριους οιωνοίσι, ούνεκα ατιμάζουσι τας καλάς θεάς θαλλάσης.

any help is appreciated [:)]

Γεια σας! [:D]




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Posted - 14 Mar 2007 :  18:46:38  


You are right; Pharr takes for granted that the student knows such definitions already. You can find useful elementary information on pronouns at http://www.geocities.com/alexandrosworld/Greek/Pronouns.html You can not limit your study to Pharr, you will need more help, as you see, and there are many relevant pages online where such definitions are given

Hope you are well,


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Posted - 18 Mar 2007 :  10:14:27  


I now began a "A Reading Course in Homeric Greek" by Raymond V. Schoder and Vincent C. Horrigan. So far it is a fairly good grammar.

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Posted - 28 Mar 2007 :  01:30:50  


My first post here. Just want to share with you that I read Pharr's Homeric Greek for 5 months but not making much progress lately, I don't have the confident to proceed further after I tried so hard to memorize the first 52 lines but can only manage the 1st 10 or sorts.
There is a link that I got some translation keys for Pharr, I guess I can post it here, or can't I?

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Posted - 02 May 2007 :  04:08:11  


Is it necessary to memorize?

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Posted - 03 May 2007 :  20:30:18  


I read Pharr's Homeric Greek for 5 months but not making much progress

What kind of things are you having difficulty with?

Perhaps the interlinear translation of Homer's Iliad will help:

www.ellopos.net/elpenor/koinonia/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=243" target="_blank">https://www.ellopos.net/elpenor/koinonia/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=243

Read it very carefully and make sure to look up every word or wordform you are unfamiliar with. It is very helpful to keep your own vocabulary list of these along the way as well, until they are fastened well in the memory.

Hope that helps a bit.

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