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The Greeks Us

Greek Identity of the Western World

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( 18th - 19th c. A.D. )

The God is near, and hard to grasp
Hyperion's song of destiny

Who yearns for the impossible I love

Awake, my spirit!
Where burning Sappho loved and sung
Imbued with immortal fire

The roof of awful richness

A glorious humanity

Saintly and criminal

   I can't afford the luxury of doing anything weird, they say. I've got to be pragmatic and goal directed, preparing myself for a high-paying job. ... that is precisely how most students feel. Consequently, at graduation they will find themselves part of a huge herd, scarcely distinguishable except by a few tenths of a point on their GPAs. ...
   We are not facing difficult times in this country because our current leaders paid too much attention to clear and accurate thought about complex issues. Our problems arise instead from the recent tendency to ignore questions of historical depth and intellectual complexity in favor of short-term simplistic pragmatism. ...
   (Students of Greek) come to know themselves not just as kids from Welleston or Pittsburgh who hope to find a job someday, but as people who have engaged Herodotus, Plato and St John in conversation.
Steve Hays, Ohio University


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