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Constantinople and the West


Coin of Emperor Constantine XI Palaeologus Dragasis


The Original Greek New Testament

Bartholomew of Constantinople, On the union with Rome

Pope Benedict XVI, The Papal Science

Aspects of Byzantium in Modern Popular Music

Papacy - The Plague of Christianity

Κόντογλου, Κατὰ Ἑνωτικῶν

Byzantium : The 'alternative' history of Europe, by David Turner

  Constantinople and Rome : A Survey of the Relations between the Byzantine and the Roman Churches, by M. V. Anastos

Byzantium and the West, by A. Laiou 

The Great Schism (1054): The Estrangement of Eastern and Western Christendom, by K. Ware

The Greek East and the Latin West, by Ph. Sherrard (at Amazon)

Byzantines in Renaissance Italy, by J. Harris - Cf. more on Renaissance Italy

Greek Literature - Ancient, Medieval, Modern

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  Blocked from Europe by the impregnable walls of Constantinople and the unyielding spirit of the Emperor and his people, the armies of the Prophet were obliged to travel the entire length of the Mediterranean to the Straits of Gibraltar before they could invade the continent - thus extending their lines of communication and supply almost to breaking point and rendering impossible any permanent conquests beyond the Pyrenees. Had they captured Constantinople in the seventh century rather than the fifteenth, all Europe - and America - might be Muslim today.

From: J. J. Norwich, Byzantium, the Early Centuries

Rock Around Byzantium
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Constantinople Home Page

Greek Literature - Ancient, Medieval, Modern

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