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Three Millennia of Greek Literature
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The Greeks Us

Greek Identity of the Western World

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( 19th c. A.D. )

We recognise in them the divine origin of man (margin: Keats, To Homer)

In a grand parliament of intelligence

Constantinople can not but belong to Russia! 

When the Gods come among men
Disclosing in every fact a germ of expansion
Infinite variety, unity of cause
A point outside of our hodiernal circle

Roots of immortality
A punishing truth!

Hans Christian Andersen
Soon shall the whole world admire thy Psyche

Edgar Allan Poe
The source of all motion

Lewis Carroll
If only he might stand on his head

Russell Lowell
Fecundating minds

   Why did I major in Greek? Because I liked it. Loved it. And yes, I think it’s made me a better person. (...) What I want to say in conclusion is thanks -; to all of you out there who are making it possible for people like me to learn, to love, to understand. Don’t stop. I promise you, you are making a huge difference.
Lynn Sherr, ABC News


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