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    Through the pages of "The Blight of Asia" one does not only learn history, but also dedication to truth, while being deeply moved by a clear narration of one of the most important events, after the schism of the Christianity and the captures of Constantinople first by the Latins and next by the Turks. To the student of history, these events combine with other, less important maybe, yet characteristic enough, to let him understand that the current union of Europe does not permit much hope.

    Besides the significance of the historical narration in itself, most of Horton's propositions remain valid and should be considered carefully by those who suggest that Turkey can be a member of the European union. To love my enemy is not to see him as something different than what he is, it is not to become blind and despise or diminish the truth, but to love him in spite of what he is. Yet the crucial problem is that Europeans too (including USA) seem to have less to do with European culture and more with cynicism and barbarity, as Horton repeatedly warns - without even knowing the great achievements of communism, nazism, the second world war, the Banana Republics of America, etc...


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