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Alexander Kalomoiros
The union of the Churches is the best way to eliminate Christianity

So-called Christians play a significant role in the world’s effort for peace. With the slogan «Christians unite», they set out for the bazaar where truth will be sold out. Once, Christians had faith and were ready to die for their Faith. Today their zeal for truth has cooled. They have begun to consider it as something secondary. They find the differences between churches, for which in former times Martyrs eagerly sacrificed themselves, the Fathers were exiled, and the faithful mutilated, as unimportant and unworthy of mention. Most of them are sickly and incorrigible sentimentalists who think that the religion of Christ is an ethical system concerning human relations.... How is it possible for them to hope that what failed in the first centuries of the schism shall be accomplished now that the differences in dogma and mentality have, with the passage of centuries, widened from breaches to gulfs? …  Read Complete

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